Career Self-Exploration for Student-Athletes
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Career Self-Exploration for Student-Athletes Workshop

Although not always recognized as such, being a “student-athlete” is a foundational career that provides opportunities to develop leadership, communication, teamwork, motivation, ethics, creativity, problem solving, physical, coping, task execution, and organizational skills.

Unfortunately, many student-athletes lag behind their non-athlete peers with regard to career readiness, failing to recognize how sport-related skills are an asset in the workplace.

The presenter’s guide provides a step-by-step explanation of a career self- exploration program for student-athletes. Participation in the “Career Self- Exploration for Student-Athletes” workshop is an initial step in the career development process.

Facilitation tips and handouts are provided.


  • Student-athletes will identify transferable skills that they have developed during sport participation that are valued in the world of work.

  • Student-athletes will develop career self-exploration skills that are a foundation of the career development process.

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